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Organizational Diagnosis

We provide a systematic approach to understand the present state of the organization. It involves identifying the specific nature of the problem and the reason for its occurrence. The process involves identifying the areas of improvement by assessing the gap between current performance and desired level of performance.

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Human Resource Management

This service allows the client to give the burden of their human resource planning and analysis to us this ensuring that they focus on their core competency. The quality, efficiency and effectiveness of this service ensure that the human capital of the organization grows and achieves its full potential. With our HR expertise and upgraded level of customer service we provide better and faster results.

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Performance Management System

This service puts a framework in place for managing the execution of organization’s strategy. It helps in keeping a check on how the plans have translated into results. It comprises of methodologies, metrics, processes, software tools and systems that manage the performance of the client’s organization. Our service helps the client make better decisions by providing greater visibility with accurate, reliable and relevant information.

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Change Management

We help the customers in developing a planned approach to change in their organization by maximizing the collaborative efforts of the stakeholders and minimizing the risk of failure by touching upon all aspects of the organization.

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Recruitment Process Consulting

We help the customers by providing recruitment solutions that help them find the right candidate based on their requirement. We review the current recruitment team and the process in place, and identify the gaps between their practices and the best practices in the industry. We then help the customer implement the best practices in their organization by handholding them through the process.

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Executive Placements

We help the customers find the right talent for their managerial and top management roles. With our recruitment expertise and our experience of performing recruitment for various companies we have developed contacts with senior management of various companies which helps us match the requirement with the skill set of candidates and fill a vacant position in the top management of our customers. We assess the candidates based on the understanding of the expected outcome and the core competencies required to do the job.

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